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On this page are some of the most popular foods, treats, and supplies that we sell. Feel free to contact us to make a purchase, or if you do not see something here that you'd like to ask if we can get for you.

Dog Food
Please Contact us for prices. We can also get wet food by the case, and pre-packaged raw diets/rmb's, such as Bravo!, Nature's Variety, Primal, Nature's Logic, Stella & Chewy's, Northwest Naturals, Healthy Paws, etc.

High Quality Kibble


Foods Containing Grains

Lesser Quality Foods

We also sell these foods, but we do not use or recommend them, so it may take a week for us to get them in if you want to order any of them.

Dog Treats

natural flavor

cheese/bacon or
peanut butter

Smoked Beef Femur Bone

Pig Ears

Pig Snouts

Lamb Leg Bone

Lamb Ears

40ct Cow Ears

6" & 12" Braided Bully Stick

Smoked Beef Knuckle Bone

1.66-4oz Freeze Dried Treats

Galileo Nylabone

Health Care Supplies

4oz Neem Oil

Neem Spray

3pk Frontline

3pk Frontline PLUS

4pk Advantage

4pk Advantix

0.5oz Herbal Dip Concentrate

(pyrantel pamoate)

Anti-Itch Pads

Liquid Bandage

Super Clot Gel

Pain Relief Lotion

Pedipaws Nail Grinder
12ct Repl heads

Gentle Digest 60ct

Bravo Salmon Oil
16.5oz & 1gal

Grizzly Salmon Oil
8oz, 16oz, & 32oz

Joint Rescue
60ct & 90ct

Halo Joint Supplement

Grizzly Joint Oats
10oz & 2lb

Nupro Original

Nupro Joint Support

Nupro Electrolyte

Stainless Steel Bowl

Training Supplies
Prices shown for collars are for single item purchases. Substantial discounts available for multiple item/bulk orders!! Contact us for multiple item/bulk prices!

Herm Sprenger Fursaver
17"-21" $15.60
23"-27" $23.98

Herm Sprenger Prong $20.88-$35.64

'Good Dog' Collar

Herm Sprenger Slip Chain

Herm Sprenger Toggle Slip Chain

Deluxe Invisible
Fence System

Basic Invisible
Fence System

Deluxe Little
Dog Fence

Deluxe Stubborn
Dog Fence

Wireless Invisible
Fence System

Extra Wire
& Flags $50.05

Dog Crates & Exercise Pens

Vari-Kennel &
Vari-Kennel Fashion


1 & 2-door Wire Crates
with Free Divider Panel

Puppy 'Playpen'

Black Coated Exercise Pen

Gold Exercise Pen

Crate Bowl

Dog Houses & Outdoor Kennels

Midwest K9 Kennels
Styles vary dep. on size
#64-644 $285.76
#64-664 $323.79
#64-1066 $446.71
(shade cover not included)

Barnhome II

Dogloo XT

Dogloo KD - Large only